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Quartz So you have made content that would suit Open Quartz and want to contribute it? Open Quartz still lacks a lot of material and we are happy for every contribution - but don't forget that it's a free game so your contribution also has to be free...

    Open Quartz - Contribute!

Open Quartz is a project to supply GPL artwork to create a fully GPL game based around the GPL quake sourcecode. We have some new models, maps, and textures, but we still need more contributions. (See our to do list). Contributed files must be free of copyright restrictions which would conflict with the GNU General Public License.

We can use works licensed under the GPL or anything less restrictive. For example some of the Open Quartz content is GPL, but some of it is free with no restrictions (effectively "public domain".) Some of it is free as long as the author receives credit - such as including a basic copyright notice - something which is also important for GPL works, so we don't beleive this is more restrictive than the GPL.

It is best for these files to be in the highest quality non-lossy source format available:

  • original model formats are prefered to the very low precision .mdl format
  • .wav files are preferred to .mp3 files which use lossy compression
  • 24 bit images are better than 8 bit images generated from 24 bit images
  • instead of lossy .jpg images, use lossless image formats (png, pcx, tga, bmp)

There are several ways to contribute files:

  • We invite you to join our discussion on the openquartz-general mailing list and announce the contribution there.
  • If you aren't subscribed to the list, you can e-mail Greg Mapes or any active maintainer of the Open Quartz project.
  • The best way to send the files is by putting them somewhere where we can download them. If you don't have this option, ask about sending the files by e-mail. (Do not send files to the openquartz-general mailing list.)
  • It is best to let the original author of the work contribute it, but if they have already released it with a compatible license, then you can send us a link to it.

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